Technical textiles for decatising

In Biella, Famas Tessuti Tecnici is specialized in the manufacture of satins and table felts for decatising. A process that is carried out during the finishing stage of fabrics for clothing. It has the aim of making fabrics shrink and crease-resistant with a greater dimensional stability.


The decatising

Decatising brings qualities to the treated fabric that give it the highest level of excellence.


There are many variables that determine the final quality of the treated textile. In addition to the type of finishing blanket used, the pressure and steam temperature are fundamental.

Satin has the task of protecting the fabric and ensuring a uniform passage of water vapour, which among other things affects the degree of gloss or opacity of the textile itself.


Quality Checks across every stage of production


With Famas you can be sure of top quality products, at the top of the textile industry in which the company operates and annually produces textiles and fabrics valued worldwide. A careful quality control permeates the entire production process. From the careful selection of raw materials, the weaving stage to the untreated grey fabric, right up to the final check on the finished fabric, ready for distribution.

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