Table felts for decatising

Felt is a finishing blanket for decatising used in finishing textiles for women or when a swollen hand is required. Felt is part of the range of finishing blankets made by Famas, a company operating in the Biellese textile sector, where every year fabrics famous worldwide are produced.


Each company in the textile sector wanting to make high-quality products turns to the experience of this company from Piedmont, which also manufactures fabric accessories for industries and features systems for decatising, by identifying the best choice for the quality and production standards of each client.


The ideal partner for those cut from a different cloth.


Those who know their fabrics can find in Famas a reliable and efficient partner able to guarantee its customers the professionalism and seriousness needed to deliver quality technical fabrics for industrial use.


The process of decatising is a critical ennobling step in processing fabrics for clothing. It's the finishing of the textile because it guarantees the elevated end qualities.


Satin for decatising: a wide range of products suitable both for use in an autoclave as well as decatising.

Felt (molleton) for decatising: mainly used to finish fabrics for women and when the fabric to be treated requires a soft and swollen hand (feel)

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